Living a Whole Hearted Life

Raised in rural Minnesota, Jodi was a stubborn, strong-willed child who through the grace of God and the patience of loving parents learned to channel her willfullness into a drive for achievement.  Knowing that the world is a big place, she packed up and moved west in 2010.  She landed in the high tech companies of Seattle where she fully embraced Agile working to coach and transform teams to high performance.  After 20 years of working in a corporate environment, she decided to embrace what made her heart come alive and dedicate her career to helping others from her experience.

Andiamo is Italian for "Let's Go!"  It represents the strong-willed child who sees a goal and wants to put a plan together to make it happen.  It's for all the people wanting to make a change, but waiting.  It's for anyone who knows they were created for something more. . .but they're just not sure what.  Let's Go!  Andiamo Coaching focuses on working with working women in all aspect of their journey:  finding/changing their career, navigating current situations with difficult bosses or co-workers, and realizing their full, God-given potential.  Jodi loves working with individuals or facilitating workshops.  While coaching focuses on bringing out the best hidden in individuals, she also does consulting using her expertise in Agile and Corporate environments to teach and grow teams.

Jodi currently resides in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. When not coaching, she spends time with her dog, Teddy Roosevelt who is just as stubborn and strong-willed.  They take road trips exploring the country as often as possible.  Usually an unabridged historical biography provides the soundtrack for the journey.

  • Association for Coaching member

  • Certified Life Coach.

  • Certified ScrumMaster

  • Lifelong Learner/Wanderer.

  • Useless fact and trivia nerd.

  • All around cool chick


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